Victoria Beckham Packs Light

April 20, 2012 By:
Victoria Beckham Packs Light

Victoria Beckham is one busy girl. When she isn’t busy being wifey to the hottest man alive, or a mother to four adorable kids, she’s busy designing frocks for celebrities.

Victoria just started a Facebook account, which is great because she’s sharing a ton of photos from her life—and her line.

Vicky B just landed in Beijing this AM and tweeted a photo of what was in her suitcase. When you’re as fabulous as Mrs. Beckham, why wouldn’t you travel with 30 designer dresses?

“Just arrived in Beijing and finished unpacking!! X Victoria,” she shared on Facebook, with a pic of about, no joke, maybe 40 dresses.

She basically spent more on baggage overage charges than most of us spend on an outfit.

Thanks to her twitter statuses we know she’s in China after a stopover from Hong Kong and we're guessing she's there to show off her designs.

Earlier she tweeted a photo of herself on board the plane seated next to a flight attendant. In the photo, both ladies are strapped in to the plane's jump seats while Victoria holds the announcement phone to her ear.

“Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!!” the caption reads. Oh Vicky, we love your dry humor.