Victoria Beckham Talks Kid's Fashion Line

October 23, 2012 By:

Victoria Beckham is the Busiest Spice of all. She designs her own namesake line, she’s raising a family with soccer stud David Beckham, models for Karl Lagerfeld in the apartment of Coco Chanel, gets dressed every morning for the press, which for her is pretty much a full-time job—everyone wants a piece of her…including children. Well, children conceptually.

When asked if she’d be interesting on designing a baby clothing line in the future, Victoria was one breath short of checking herself into rehab for exhaustion.

“Let me breathe! I have four kids. I always wonder what I will do next,” Victoria said to Elle France. “I will move forward, slowly but surely.”

As inferred by her remarks regarding 15-month-old daughter Harper Seven’s fashions, the 38-year-old designer isn’t in a rush. Harper might not even want to wear the clothes of this hypothetical children’s line anyway!

“If [Harper] turns out to be a tomboy—with three brothers, it can happen—I’ll be okay with that,” Victoria said, an answer which is a breath of fresh air itself.

Too often we see celebrities’ newborns all over the covers of magazines and Instagrammed by their parents in every single Burberry outfit like prize possessions it’s refreshing to see someone in the fashion and entertainment world stay real about it.