Victoria Beckham Working Too Hard

December 8, 2010 By:

Victoria Beckham
flew out to London this week to attend the British Fashion Awards. Posh was nominated for Designer Brand of the Year, but she lost to Mulberry.

That shouldn't make her feel bad one bit because Victoria has come such a long way in the fashion design world. She's already dressed A-list celebs such as Demi Moore, Oprah, Blake Lively and much more.

What I really want to talk about is the way she looked at the award show. Her dress and shoes were fabulous, but I am not digging the hair and makeup she's been sporting lately.

Either she fired her hair and makeup person or they have been slipping in recent months because she's been looking…well, not like the Victoria we all love and admire.

She actually looks like she's been working round the clock for her fashion line and when you're working that hard and you're as fabulous as Victoria Beckham, you need your glam squad to work harder. So get on top of it people, we want fab Posh back!