Who Rocked The Victoria Beckham Frock: Eva Longoria or Victoria Beckham?

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Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham stepped out wearing the same dress, but here's the catch, the dress was from Beckham's own collection Victoria Beckham. So obviously Victoria Beckham wore it best, right? WRONG.

Eva Longoria wore the dress in tan and paired it with some black pumps. It was simple, chic, great. She walked the red carpet at the Style awards and looked great in the form fitting knee length dress.

Beckham wore the dress in blue and wore it while apparently running errands. However, she paired the knee length dress with knee length boots. Her dress came down further than the tops of her boots, causing a weird overlap sensation near the knees. While Beckham looks great in the dress and duh, she designed it, those boots made everything look strange. Like she stopped caring about fashion when she got to the knees.

Also, can we address the fact that Beckham is holding her baby Harper Seven like a handbag. Her daughter IS a tea-cup chihuahua.

Even though Longoria and Beckham are friends, Longoria complains that this particular Beckham dress is impossible to wear.

"I can't walk in this f-cking dress!" says Longoria, "This is Victoria Beckham's so you know it's a size negative four, I can't breathe. I think the zipper is about to go swoosh!"

Thankfully, Victoria Beckham IS a size negative four, probably. She struts around in the same dress like it's nothing, toting her baby and stomping around in some massive boots.

So now it's time for you to tell us, who rocked the frock? Was it Victoria or Eva?
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