Vogue Russia Photoshopped Natasha Poly's Arm Out

July 17, 2012 By:

File this under, “Terrible Photoshopping.”

Model Natasha Poly is going armless on the cover of Vogue China.

I understand some low-budget fashion mag accidentally cropping out a limb here or an eyelash there, but Vogue straight up photoshopped out Natasha’s arm.

Check out the picture. Her arm extends past the edges of the mag, and then, surprise, her armless hand appears popping out from behind her head. It’s like she has a hand growing out of her head. Or a hand-shaped ponytail, or a weird growth, or got so skinny she’s starting to lose body parts.

This isn’t the first time that Vogue has gotten really lazy with their photoshop skills.

Last year, Vogue Russia posted a photo with Adam Levine and his then girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna but a good chunk of Adam’s torso was missing. Anne V’s leg covered his belly but where the rest of his ribs should be, there was nothing.

Just last week, Vogue China posted a spread where one models entire leg went missing. The model in question was Doutzen Kroes, whose right leg was just completely removed from the image.

“I just saw, I was like ‘Oh my God.’ I think Photoshopping is OK until something like that happens. You don’t want to lose one of your limbs,” says Kroes.