Vogue's 2012 September Issue Is The Largest Ever

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The September issue of any fashion mag is the largest issue all year, but for this year’s Vogue issue it’s going to be the largest issue in the history of Vogue!

Can we get a sequel to the fashion doc “The September Issue?” I'd like to hear some over-the-top fashion editor get flustered about this.

We actually don’t know how many pages the full September Vogue will be, but there will be 658 ad pages!

Yes, 658 pages of glossy models blinking up at you with airbrushed elbows.

Add in the actual pages of the magazine, and this thing is going to get as thick as a Bible. I guess they don’t call it the fashion bible for nothing.

The mag is launching a Facebook contest this Friday asking readers to guess the actual page count. 100 readers who guess closest to the actual number, to be revealed on Saturday, will win Vogue’s new “Editor’s Eye Book” autographed by Vogue editors.

The amount of ad space in this years issue is nearly 14% growth from last year. Teen Vogue will also have its largest issue ever too.

So far, the September 2007 Vogue was the largest ever, raking in at 840 pages (editorial and ads) and Teen Vogue’s biggest issue was the 2006 Mischa Barton covered issue at 370 total pages.

It’s crazy to think Mischa Barton was ever a model of excellence for anything.

The final page count will be revealed this Saturday. With 658 ad pages, what do you think the final page count will be? Tweet us @Modamob.
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