Buyers, Editors Divided Over Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent Debut

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Buyers, Editors Divided Over Hedi Slimane\'s Saint Laurent Debut
In what was one of the most anticipated fashion events of the summer, Hedi Slimane debuted the new Saint Laurent in Paris and no, relax: it didn’t revolutionize fashion. What it did however was take it back to the YSL roots of the label with cool and collected pieces that were chic and wearable…well, to fashion buyers anyway.

Anyone with an RSS feed wired into the keyboards of fashion critics like the New York Times’ Cathy Horyn got the sense it wasn’t exactly the most beloved of the spring/summer 2013 cycle unless you were holding the clipboard of a retailer’s.

Take these quotes from department store heavy-hitters, for instance:

“Loved it,” said Nordstrom’s Pete Nordstrom. “Definitely one of the highlights of the week.”

“There was a unanimous and spontaneous love from all the Barneys team members immediately after the [Saint Laurent] show,” Barney CEO Mark Lee (once the pres of YSL) said. “Modern, sexy, desirable clothing that the Barneys customer will want.”

“Extremely excited…perfect for our customer,” said Joshua Schulman, the Bergdorf Goodman president.

“The new cool girl’s uniform,” summed up Keith Downing at Neiman Marcus.

Of course, fashion is subjective and neither point-of-view is “correct”—buyers, editors, and critics all look at didn’t aspects of the clothes as seen through their own respective lens. However that hasn’t stop the heated pot from stirring over the collection, especially between Hedi and the aforementioned Cathy Horyn.

Cathy, whose review of his Saint Laurent debut was less than favorable, prompted the designer to write an open response to the critic calling her a “schoolyard bully” and a “publicist in disguise.”

Cathy laughed it off replying, “It’s just silly nonsense to me.” Apparently there’s been some papercuts between them since 2004 over a Cathy penned review that semi-slighted Hedi and bruised his ego, so he was unable to just let it all lie there, taking to his Twitter this morning to comeback with that “the perfect integrity” of the daily New York paper is more than “just silly nonsense,” and that “Catty Horyn still singing her tired bias tune for the nyt” is “an embarrassment.” And because it’s not a high fashion feud unless Lady Gaga is present, the Mother Monster threw her claws into the mix (she has her own beef with Cathy over Oscar de la Renta related reasons) more indirectly by tweeting that Hedi’s new collection is “a true punk visionary. Modern, forward, LA VERITE.”

And that concludes this morning’s episode of the most well dressed episode of “Jerry Springer” ever.

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